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Pilot project: recycled plastic road surface


Recycling done differently. A Scottish company developed a road surface which includes recycled plastic. This new ‘tarmac’ has been laid in Zermatt as a pilot project in June 2019.


Book about Zermatt's pair of bearded vultures


The bearded vulture is one of the rarest and most impressive birds in the Alps, and is also the largest. Bruno Mooser, from Täsch, has been watching the Zermatt breeding pair and has compiled his observations into an illustrated book.


Cows are grazing at Riffelalp once again


The bells ring once again at Riffelalp. A group of interested people has founded a new Alp corporation. Now 25 cows and 7 calves graze on the alpine meadows at Riffelalp. Those initiating this effort want to uphold the Valais alp culture in Zermatt.


Discover Alpine Flowers on your Smartphone


Knowing more means living more. This also holds true for one’s knowledge about flowers along the side of a hiking path. The Flower app from Pro Natura Aargau has been available for downloading for a few days now. The app explains the exciting flora in the surrounding area – in Zermatt and throughout all of Switzerland.