Where are the most beautiful viewing locations in Zermatt?

Here are a few suggestions for mountains to visit and the best places for photography.

I will be in Zermatt for two hours. What can I do?

The funicular at the Rothorn base station goes to Sunnegga in just a few minutes. The view of the Matterhorn from there is wonderful. Or just take the gondola to Schwarzsee. Another possibility: tour of the village with a stroll through the old part of the village.

I am in Zermatt for a half-day only. What can I do?

Those who decide to go to a viewing point take a mountain lift to over 3,000 m. In the mountains, there are many attractive short hikes. A tour of the village with a visit to the Matterhorn Museum and the old part of the village provides a history lesson about old Zermatt. A visit to the mountaineers’ cemetery honours those alpinists, who lost their lives in the harsh world of the mountains.

I am in Zermatt for one day. What can I do?

It is worthwhile spending a day skiing or snowboarding. That is possible every day of the year. If that is not what you are looking for, a convenient trip to one of the viewing locations above 3,000 m is a beautiful alternative. The mountain world also has many short hikes. Or take a tour of the village with a visit to the Matterhorn Museum and the old part of the village for a history lesson about old Zermatt. The mountaineers’ cemetery is a place for reflection. One can circle the top of the Matterhorn during a helicopter round trip with Air Zermatt. Courageous types fly over Zermatt with a paraglider.

Where can I catch a mountain lift to ride up into the mountains from the village?

Rothorn, Gornergrat or Matterhorn glacier paradise – those are the possibilities available to choose from.

Do I have to go higher by mountain lift to see the Matterhorn?

There are various viewing locations in the village from which you can see the Matterhorn: for instance, the Kirchbrücke, Brücke zum Steg, Schulmatten or Zen Stecken.

What can I do in Zermatt when the weather is bad?

Absolutely must do: Go to the Matterhorn Museum. There you can have a virtual experience of Zermatt and the Matterhorn while seeing how this area developed over hundreds of years. Or you can take a tour of the old part of the village and visit the mountaineers’ cemetery. Or decide for indoor activities: billiards, fussball, bowling, climbing wall. How about taking in a movie? And what about those souvenirs you need to get?

Are there possibilities to go hiking in winter?

There are 70 km of prepared winter hiking trails for extensive hikes. The snowshoe trails go further afield into more remote winter landscapes.

What can I do with children in Zermatt?

Experiences for families with children in the fresh mountain air – a dream. For example, at the playground. Or in the Wolli adventure park.