Tradition Julen takes part in Prix Sommet 2020


This year's UBS Prix Sommet in Valais is focusing on sustainability. Over nine months, the three participating companies will work on improving their waste management, reducing their CO2 emissions and optimising their processes. Tradition Julen Zermatt is one of the three companies who will face this challenge.

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This year's UBS Prix Sommet in Valais is focusing on sustainability. The innovation award aims to promote top-performing businesses and reduce the ecological impacts of the three participating companies. The companies chosen are Tradition Julen in Zermatt, Biofruits in Vétroz and Bühler Entreprises in Monthey. They come from all three areas of the canton and from three different business sectors. Iwan Willisch, Regional Director for UBS Valais, said to the Walliser Bote newspaper: “The new formula of the Prix Sommet aims to offer Valais companies the opportunity to be involved in a common project by making use of UBS’ network of experts and an external coach. The primary objective is to ensure the continuity of their business model while also acting as a positive, stimulating example to other SMEs.” The three companies will receive support from coach Olivier Brüggimann from consultancy firm ecoLive.

A year of support

For more than 30 years, UBS has awarded the Prix Sommet to Valais companies with exceptional business performance, innovative spirit or above-average levels of adaptability to changing markets. Out of those companies who are entered for the award, three are chosen to go through the four phases. Participants receive constant support from the coach, covering situation analysis and action plans (including their implementation) and evaluating results, until the award ceremony on Thursday 26 November 2020 in the multi-purpose centre in Conthey. This year, the focus is on waste management, CO2 reduction and optimising business processes. At the end of the project, the audience at the gala will choose the winning company.

Sustainable growth

Tradition Julen Zermatt has been running its restaurants and hotels for several generations and focuses on both ensuring the successful continuation of the business and maintaining sustainability. As part of this, they produce some of the food consumed in the businesses themselves and waste is recycled in their own biogas plant to produce clean energy.