Local, sustainable water from BE WTR: also available in Zermatt from this winter season, in collaboration with Zermatt Beer


BE WTR SA, the sustainable Swiss water brand, is bringing its concept to Zermatt for the winter season 2023/2024, opening an automatic bottling plant to supply ultra-local water to hotels, restaurants and the catering trade. 

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BE WTR promises to offer brand excellence, quality and locally sustainable water. Using local bottling facilities, BE WTR addresses the challenges of bottled water and offers an alternative to unnecessary transport and single-use plastic bottles. BE WTR’s solution significantly reduces its customers’ carbon footprint while maintaining a high-quality brand image. 

Local carbonated or non-carbonated water in 50cl and 75cl returnable glass bottles as part of a 100% closed-loop model.

It is the first solution of its kind in the mountains, made possible through a collaboration with Zermatt Matterhorn Brauerei AG. BE WTR is installing an automatic bottling plant on the brewery premises at the approach to the village of Zermatt, connected to the drinking water network. This filters the local water and fills it into reusable, hermetically sealed glass bottles, with or without carbon dioxide. The capped glass bottles are then distributed exclusively in Zermatt, and the empty glass bottles are taken back, in a 100% recycling model.