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Furi (Ticket)

Duration: 2 hours

Take a single or return trip to explore the idyllic hamlet of Furi.

From 13,00 CHF

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Tandem flight "The Spectacular"

Duration: 1 hour

Are you looking for a different way to see Zermatt and its surrounding 4000 metres peaks? Then let us take you for a tandem paragliding flight to see the Matterhorn and all the spectacular mountains - a once in a lifetime experience! 

From 220,00 CHF

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Gornergrat ticket summer

Duration: 24 hours

Gornergrat (3,089 m) is one of the places one must visit in one's life. The mountain panorama and the unique view of the Matterhorn are unforgettable.

From 27,50 CHF

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5 Lakes Walk

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

The compelling Five Lakes Walk takes you from Blauherd to Sunnegga, passing by five mountain lakes on the way. You will be captivated by the reflection of the Matterhorn in the waters and by the many colourful alpine flowers around the lakes.

From 43,00 CHF

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Gorge Adventure—Dynamic Fixed-Rope Route

Duration: 4 hours

The Gorner gorge, situated between Furi and Zermatt, is one of nature´s unique wonders, boasting spectacular rock formations such as glacial mills and water-polished rocks.

From 125,00 CHF

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Bike day ticket Sunnegga

Duration: 8 hours

With their heights between 1,400 m and 3,100 m, the mountains around Zermatt offer a wide range of trails. With a lot of flow or steep and technical or natural or graded. The choice of all-day mountain bike tours or short afternoon rides offers everything your heart desires. 

From 42,00 CHF

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Bike Pass Light

Duration: 24 hours

The ideal ticket for bikers. The Bike Pass allows unlimited mountain travel including bike transportation.

From 83,00 CHF

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Blauherd (Ticket)

Duration: 2 hours

Discover the diverse activities around Blauherd station.

From 33,00 CHF

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Hike to the lost valley

Duration: 6 hours

The Lost Valley is a small, idyllic alluvial plain in the Findeln valley above Zermatt. Nestled between the left moraine of the receding Findel Glacier and the northern steep face of the Stockhorn, it is an absolutely enchanting place.

From 130,00 CHF

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