Meet the Sheep - The cuddliest visitors on the Gornergrat


In summer, the herd of black-nosed sheep will once again be grazing on the Gornergrat. Around 125 black noses are on the move - mostly in the shade, as their fluffy fur makes it too hot for them in the sun.

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But no matter where they are on the mountain, as soon as the herd enters the Gornergrat area, you can visit them in the wild. You can find the woolly sheep using GPS localisation. To ensure that the black-nosed sheep are not travelling alone, a shepherd accompanies them on their adventures around the Gornergrat.

The herd is protected, guided and led through the mountain landscape with a great deal of passion and dedication. On this page you can see where the herd is currently located in summer: Meet the Sheep - meet-the-sheep (

The Meet the Sheep theme trail, which previously focussed on the herd of black-nosed sheep, will be renamed the Matterhorn View Trail this summer. The eleven stations no longer focus exclusively on the black-nosed sheep.

You can now find out more about the Gornergrat railway, traditions in Zermatt, the Matterhorn and much more. Walk along the cairns and scan the QR codes. Despite the renaming, the route of the trail remains unchanged.