The Nordend is a neighbouring peak of the Dufourspitze and lies at the northern end of the Monte Rosa massif.

4,609 m

First ascent
26 August 1861

First climbed by
Michel-Clément Payot, Edward North, John Jeremy Cowell, Thomas Fowell Buxton

Tips for visitors

  • Gornergrat

Tips for hikers

  • Hike to the Monte Rosa hut (glacier trek, mountain guide required)

Nordend: tips for mountaineers

  • Mountain guide necessary
  • Depending on fitness levels, suitable for single or multiple ascents in the Monte Rosa massif
  • Multi-day trip
  • Medium difficulty

Neighbouring peak of the Dufourspitze
The Nordend is the second-highest summit in Switzerland, the neighbouring peak of the Dufourspitze and the most northerly 4,000-metre mountain in the Monte Rosa massif. It is flanked with glaciers on its northern and north-western sides and has a powerful and impressive profile. The Monte Rosa massif has about ten peaks higher than 4,000 m: Dunantspitze (Ostspitze), Dufourspitze, Grenzgipfel, Ludwigshöhe, Nordend, Parrotspitze, Schwarzhorn, Signalkuppe, Vincent Pyramid, Zumsteinspitze.

Origin of name
The Nordend (“North End”) is the most northerly peak of the Monte Rosa massif.



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