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Täsch toboggan run

Sledging | medium

The toboggan run in Täsch is something of an insider’s secret. The way to the starting point is on foot, zig-zagging up the slope until just before Eggstadel.

 3,6 km  0,17 h  51 m  458 m

Täsch Village Tour

City walking tour | easy

Tradition-rich Valais houses, barns, granaries and old stalls form the backdrop of the village of Täsch. The history of the hamlet can be experienced clearly during a relaxing village walking tour. A brochure about the village walk is available in the tourist office.

 1,5 km  1,0 h  32 m  20 m

Täsch-Randa (Nr. 131)

Winter hiking | easy

This simple winter hiking trail leads along the right-hand side of the valley from Täsch to Randa. Ideal for families.

 4,2 km  1,10 h  17 m  45 m

Täsch-Randa-Täsch Bike Tour (Nr. 31)

Mountain biking | easy

The Täsch-Randa circuit is perfect for the whole family. It leads along the valley floor through forests, along meadows and through typical Valais mountain villages.

 14,4 km  1,45 h  292 m  292 m

Täsch-Täsch Hut Bike Tour (Nr. 25)

Mountain biking | hard

The ride up to Täschalp and deep into the valley begins with an ascent of the slopes above Täsch, mostly following small mountain roads. The climb is technically straightforward and boosts fitness.

 10,2 km  3,35 h  1269 m  4 m

Täsch-Zermatt Railway Trail (Nr. 50)

Hiking trail | easy

The Railway Trail makes an ideal family walk, offering close-up views of trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. The area along the path is also home to marmots and many alpine flowers including some very rare species.

 6 km  1,55 h  198 m  30 m

Täschalp Run

Trail running | medium

This open running race has long been popular in Täsch. Combining sport and pleasure, it features a traditional Älplerfest (alpine celebration) on the high pastures at Täschalp.

 9,2 km  1,5 h  916 m  142 m

Täschalp-Fluhalp (Pfulwe) (Nr. 46)

Alpine trail | hard

The hike over the Pfulwe (Fluh Pass) reveals the magnificent wild hinterland to the east of Täsch and Zermatt. The steep valley of the Mellichbach river enchants hikers with its arid beauty.

 9,6 km  4,55 h  979 m  541 m

Täschalp-Tufteren (Nr. 48)

Mountain trail | medium

This generally level walk follows the famous Europaweg trail. Leading along the treeline, it offers glorious views of numerous 4,000-metre peaks as well as Täsch and Zermatt.

 6,2 km  2,0 h  241 m  217 m

Täschalp-Weingartensee (Nr. 47)

Alpine trail | hard

The name of this walk is misleading. The Weingartensee, which means “vineyard lake”, is certainly a lake, but there are no vineyards far and wide. This is a wild and bare landscape, sculpted by the retreating glaciers.

 8,9 km  4,40 h  948 m  948 m

The Gornergletscher over the Course of Time (Nr. 17b)

Theme trail | medium

This hike leads to the dramatic rugged terrain of the lower Gorner glacier. During the last 150 years, it has retreated by over 3,000 m. Anyone interested in climate change can witness the process of a major glacier melting every step of the way.

 7,6 km  2,45 h  396 m  396 m

The Matterhorn Trek

Multi-day hike | medium

Hut trekking in the mountain paradise surrounding Zermatt leads over Alpine meadows and up into the high Alpine landscape. In 4 to 6-hour stages, the route over 5 days is from hut to hut through the Zermatt mountain world.

 46,5 km  17,10 h  3030 m  3030 m

Tour Monte Rosa - Matterhorn

Multi-day hike | hard

This tour around the Monte Rosa massif is one of the finest long-distance hikes in the Alps. Requirements: fitness and stamina.

 164,1 km  58,0 h  10654 m  10660 m

Tufteren–Europaweg–Täsch Bike Tour (Nr. 4)

Mountain biking | hard

This route is for experienced mountain bikers. The trail is relatively easy to start with, but quickly becomes challenging. You’ll be rewarded with cool single trails and incredible views of the mountains.

 12,8 km  2,0 h  211 m  989 m