Cross-country skiing

Täsch Cross-Country Ski Trail

The 15 km of cross-country ski trails between Täsch and Randa, both classic-style and skating-style, are highly popular. The well-prepared circuits of the Matterhorn trail enable skiers to explore a variety of terrain.

  • Type Cross-country skiing
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 0,52 h
  • Distance 10 km
  • Ascent 260 m
  • Descent 261 m
  • Lowest point 1418 m
  • Highest point 1485 m


he terrain in the valley floor around Täsch is largely flat. Skiers seeking a more technical challenge with the odd descent should skate towards Randa. This boosts fitness and technical ability and helps build muscle strength.

  • The trail in Täsch can be reached from Zermatt in 12 minutes by train
  • Two levels of difficulty: A (towards Täsch) and B (parts around Randa)
  • Changing rooms and WCs are at the Matterhorn Terminal in Täsch and at the Restaurant Hole in One available
  • Equipment available from nearby sports shops


  • By the Matterhorn Terminal (north side, opposite Taxi Schaller) and north exit of the Matterhorn Terminal
  • By the Aparthotel Monte Rosa

Above the main road, the trail is graded as difficult; elsewhere easy.

In all, Täsch and Randa have 15 km of skating-style and 10 km of classic-style trails.

We recommend:

  • Cross-country skis and poles
  • Suitable cross-country ski boots
  • Clothing suitable for the weather (waterproof, windproof and breathable)
  • Hat or headband plus gloves and sunglasses

The cross-country skiing trail is especially beautiful after a fresh snowfall and when it is still cold, which keeps the snow on the trees. This is when the landscape looks like a winter fairy tale.


Additional information and recommendations are available from the guest information centre near Täsch station.

  • Please be considerate to other cross-country skiers.
  • Walkers are not permitted on the cross-country ski trails.
  • Observe all signposting and directions.
  • When overtaking another cross-country skier, keep poles close to body to avoid injury.
  • On descents, maintain adequate distance from the cross-country skier ahead, and always adapt speed to conditions.
  • If you wish to pause along a trail or if you fall, vacate the tracks as quickly as possible.

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