Hiking trail

Täsch-Zermatt Railway Trail (Nr. 50)

The Railway Trail makes an ideal family walk, offering close-up views of trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. The area along the path is also home to marmots and many alpine flowers including some very rare species.

360° Panorama
  • Type Hiking trail
  • Difficulty easy
  • Duration 1,55 h
  • Distance 6 km
  • Ascent 198 m
  • Descent 30 m
  • Lowest point 1438 m
  • Highest point 1632 m


The path leads through a variety of terrain, across forest, meadows and pastures. Here the star attractions are the trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn – and, just before 9am and just after 5pm, the Glacier Express with its panoramic carriages. As walkers approach the large marmot colony, the furry rodents whistle in alarm and disappear into their burrows (the noise of the trains, however, does not disturb them at all). Hikers only have to sit still for a while for the charming creatures to appear again.

At the Air Zermatt heliport at the entrance to Zermatt, weather permitting, walkers can watch the movements of the helicopters. The dramatic take-offs and landings are often a matter of life and death. On occasions, a helicopter will return from a mission with the mountain rescuer still balancing on the landing skid.

  • Depending on season, alpine columbine and other mountain flowers
  • Marmots
  • Barbecue site with picnic area
  • Appropriate for children from age 4

Täsch (station) - Zermatt (station)

(Hiking time in reverse direction: approx. 1h 20)

This hike is marked on the signposts as “Bahnweg Täsch - Zermatt”.

We recommend:

  • Good footwear
  • Hiking poles (optional)
  • Clothing suitable for the weather (always carry a waterproof)
The benches above the Air Zermatt helicopter base are an invitation to sit and ponder. Depending on their missions, you can also watch the Air Zermatt team at work in the helicopter base.
  • Plan every mountain tour carefully and adapt to participants’ fitness level as well as the weather and season.
  • Weather conditions can change quickly in the mountains. Appropriate clothing is therefore essential, along with adequate supplies of food and water. In uncertain weather, turn back in good time.
  • Inform others of planned route, and whenever possible avoid going alone.
  • Do not leave the marked routes; do not venture onto glaciers without a mountain guide.
  • Please be considerate to other walkers and to plants and animals.
  • Take note of the warning signs drawing attention to the constant danger in river beds and along watercourses below dams and reservoirs.
  • Beware: railway crossing


Note: Please take note when the path is closed between late autumn and spring: avalanche risk!

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