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Via ferrata Schweifinen - Route A

Via Ferrata | easy

The via ferrata Schweifinen (fixed-cable climb) leads high above the roofs of Zermatt. The three sections – A, B and C – require different levels of ability. Route A is suitable for families with children from the age of 10.

 2,9 km  1,15 h  314 m  314 m

Via ferrata Schweifinen - Route B

Via Ferrata | medium

The via ferrata (fixed-cable climb) high above the roofs of Zermatt offers three different routes: A, B and C. Route B is often tackled after route A and together with route C.

 3,3 km  2,15 h  458 m  458 m

Via ferrata Schweifinen - Route C

Via Ferrata | medium

Route C of the via ferrata (fixed-cable climb) high above the roofs of Zermatt is often tackled straight after routes A and B. This requires a high level of fitness, but it is also the great attraction of the climb.

 5,5 km  3,30 h  791 m  791 m

Village Forest Trail (Nr. 60)

Hiking trail | easy

The Village Forest Trail offers new arrivals a perfect opportunity to get acclimatised, and is also ideal for walks with children.

 4,5 km  1,20 h  172 m  172 m

Village Route Bike Tour (Nr. 66)

Mountain biking | easy

The village route is ideal for gentle sightseeing in the village of Zermatt and heads along easy roads to the best viewpoints, guaranteeing amazing views of the Matterhorn.

 11 km  1,30 h  341 m  341 m

White Magic Trail (Nr. 143)

Snowshoeing | medium

This snowshoe hike can be quite a challenge, depending on snow conditions. The route leads 741 vertical metres down the mountain. But walkers’ efforts are well rewarded: the view over the village of Zermatt is magical.

 4 km  1,45 h  6 m  725 m

Winter Wonder Trail (Nr. 146)

Snowshoeing | medium

Its name says it all. Starting at the Riffelalp viewing terrace, it goes through forests and along sun-kissed paths to the gourmet hotspot of Findeln.

 6,4 km  2,20 h  146 m  236 m

Wisshorn Trail (Nr. 32)

Mountain trail | hard

In Zermatt, many of the great attractions are on the doorstep – including this very attractive walk. Highlight: the view of the south-east face of the pyramid-shaped Weisshorn.

 14,2 km  6,40 h  1326 m  1326 m

Wolli and the Climate Detectives

Theme trail | easy

This playful exploration of climate phenomena is fun for the whole family. The Zermatt children’s mascot, Wolli, lends a hand. The trip starts off with a ride up the Gornergrat, followed by plenty of surprises!

 21,2 km  2,30 h  1601 m  1601 m

Zermatt Circular Trail (Nr. 117)

Winter hiking | medium

A chapel, beautiful bridges and an enchanted winter forest like no other: the Zermatt Circular Trail offers this and more.

 6,5 km  2,0 h  198 m  198 m

Zermatt Fitness Trail

Jogging | easy

The fitness trail near Zermatt extends along either side of the Zmuttbach river. It leads along footpaths through woods, over bridges and to pretty, secluded spots.

 3 km  1,15 h  147 m  160 m

Zermatt Forest Trail (Nr. 12)

Hiking trail | medium

The path traces a leisurely zig-zag through the mixed larch forest. The trees provide shade but also offer frequent views to the horizon. Around Ried, the vista opens up dramatically to reveal the resplendent Matterhorn.

 6,4 km  1,50 h  3 m  619 m

Zermatt Panorama Trail (Nr. 9)

Theme trail | medium

The views between the Ritzengrat ridge and Blauherd are magnificent, making this a true panoramic trail. Crowning the scene is the Matterhorn, revealing its north and east flanks and the Hörnligrat ridge.

 2 km  0,50 h  242 m  1 m

Zermatt Village Tour

City walking tour | easy

The village of Zermatt has been shaped by ancient traditions and modern tourism. The thrilling contrasts can be explored on a walk through the village. Time required: from 1 hour to half a day.

 1,8 km  1,30 h  47 m  47 m

Zermatt-Furi (via Blatten) (Nr. 118)

Winter hiking | medium

This winter hiking trail passes through the beautiful hamlets of Blatten and Zum See before reaching Furi, and they’re a great place to stop for a bite to eat.

 2,3 km  1,0 h  256 m  18 m