Zermatt Tourismus launches web series with Stéphanie Berger


To promote the Zermatt Shepherd’s Festival 2019, Zermatt Tourismus has produced six videos. Comedian and moderator Stéphanie Berger is one of the presenters.

The series comprises six episodes showing how Helmut the shepherd prepares his sheep for the Miss Zermatt contest. Zermatt Tourismus intends the web series to be an amusing way to raise awareness of the Shepherd’s Festival taking place on 8 September 2019, when Miss Zermatt – the most beautiful Blacknose sheep in the destination – will be chosen.

Zermatt Tourismus was able to secure Swiss comic and moderator Stéphanie Berger to present the videos. She takes on the role of an expert giving Helmut the shepherd tips and advice.

The six episodes will appear on Zermatt – Matterhorn’s social media channels every Friday between 2 August and 6 September. The videos are in Swiss German with English subtitles.


Link to episode 1

Link to episode 2

Link to episode 3

Link to episode 4

Link to episode 5

Link to episode 6

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