Shepherd’s Festival and Wolli's birthday

In September, the widely popular Shepherd’s Festival takes place. Besides festival catering, open-air church service, children’s games, and a birthday party for Zermatt’s mascot Wolli, experts choose the most beautiful black-nose sheep.

The next edition will take place on September 8, 2024.

Which is the most beautiful in the entire village? At the traditional shepherd's festival in Zen Stecken, the most beautiful black-nosed sheep of the year is awarded. In addition, the sheep breeding cooperative, which has been organizing the festival for a long time, is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

In addition to the lovingly hairdressed sheep, a varied festival program and the birthday party of Zermatt's mascot Wolli also provide great entertainment. A cozy get-together is guaranteed at the traditional event.



  • 10.00 am: washing the black-nose sheep in the wash facility in Zen Stecken near the Forest Fun Park or the Tradition Julen sheep barn


  • 11.00 am: field church service including music
  • Noon: refreshments with traditional Ländler music
  • 01.00 pm: election of the most beautiful black-nose sheep
  • 3.00 pm: Wolli’s birthday party including the award for the “Wolli of the Year”

A Special Breed

The Valais black-nose sheep is a distinctively large breed perfectly adapted to the mountain world. It is evenly covered in wool, has spiral-shaped horns and specific colour features. The black nose is characteristic. The black colour continues to the eyes. The ears are also black and there are black spots on the legs. The female animals have black spots on their tails.

Criteria for the most beautiful black-nose sheep

The best Blacknose sheep of the year has to meet a range of criteria, so is judged according to the categories colour features, wool, confirmation and limbs. A perfect black-nose sheep has to walk broadly and the legs must be straight – no knock knees or bow legs. Additionally, the sheep has to have a deep chest and beautiful horns. Figuring out which is really the most beautiful is not so easy.


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