An Exhibition on the Greatest Mountain of Books


From 11 July to 28 October 2018 on the Gornergrat the Swiss Alpine Museum is presenting "Matterhorn Stories: An Exhibition on the Greatest Mountain of Books".

Beat Sterchi did it, Urs Widmer too, and let’s not forget the many international authors. They’ve all written about the Matterhorn – passionately, reverently, critically, amusingly. Since the mountain drama of 1865, when four of the seven men who made the first ascent perished, the "mountain of all mountains" has been world famous – and a favourite literary motif. There have been mountaineering novels, love stories, thrillers, comics, and plays about the Matterhorn, which have been translated into numerous languages, and new stories keep on appearing.

An entertaining literary exhibition

Now the Swiss Alpine Museum is showing a selection of these books in the Shelter on the Gornergrat. Each of the thirty books on show from the various literary genres is accompanied by a short quotation (in the original language and English).

  • Admission to the exhibition is included in the Gornergrat Bahn ticket.
  • 11 July to 28 October 2018
  • Opening times 9 am to 6 pm

Third pop-up exhibition

"Matterhorn Stories" is now the third pop-up exhibition staged by the Swiss Alpine Museum in cooperation with the Gornergrat Bahn and the "Kultur- und Sozialstiftung Burgergemeinde Zermatt". After taking a geographical perspective in 2015 and a business-oriented one in 2017, literature is also proving to be a very rich source of Matterhorn material. The books on show come from the library of swiss mountain ex-pert and writer Daniel Anker.