The Matterhorn as an Enticement


The Alpine Museum of Switzerland has a display of the most surprising and original Matterhorn products in the world at Gornergrat. Until 15th October 2017.

The Alpine Museum of Switzerland in Bern already presented an exhibition at Gornergrat. At that time, the theme was the brothers and sisters of the Matterhorn. There are 248 mountains throughout the entire world that have the same name – Matterhorn. Now the Alpine Museum is showing products, which use the Matterhorn as a brand name: from men’s swimming wear from Italy to beer cans from Canada, cigarettes from Malaysia or shaving cream from the United States. And there is much more and quite different: schnapps and black powder. 30 items are on display. The accompanying text provides insight into the international marketing spirit and product stories. The texts are oriented to a global, tourist public.

  • Entrance included in the Gornergrat Bahn ticket.
  • Descriptions of the items in German, French, English, Japanese
  • until 15 October 2017
  • open daily from 9 am to 6 pm
  • Matterhorn Museum: 31 August 2017, evening, Topic: podium discussion on "The Zermatt Brand"

Exhibition space for memories

The exhibition space at Gornergrat in the form of a triangle aluminium tent was part of the Matterhorn Base Camp in 2014. This temporary group of tents was used as replacement accommodations during the construction of the Hörnli Hut, which was dedicated in July 2015.


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