Bäckerei Fuchs creates new delicacies


The range of treats at the Bäckerei Fuchs in Zermatt now includes a Génépi Torte with herbs gathered locally – plus a chocolate ski bunny specially designed for the Ski World Cup in Zermatt/Cervinia.

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The latest creation in the Alpine herb range at Bäckerei Fuchs is a Génépi Torte. Génépi is a liqueur made from the Alpine Wormwood plant, which is characteristic of the Valais region. In a hidden spot in the Zermatt Alps, at 2,950 metres above sea level, the bakers at Bäckerei Fuchs hand-pick the wild Alpine Wormwood growing naturally. According to a secret recipe, this high-alpine herb is processed into Génépi schnapps with a unique herbal flavour and natural green colour. The confectioners decorate the Génépi Torte with a picture of the Matterhorn printed on edible paper. The torte has a shelf life of three weeks and is ideal for shipping. Other products in the Fuchs bakery's Alpine Herbs range include the Zermatt Pine Ice Cream and organic iced tea. A mountain herb bread will be added soon.

Another new addition to the range is the Chocolate Ski Bunny. Just in time for the upcoming inaugural Matterhorn Cervino Speed Opening, the confectioners have created a chocolate ski bunny by hand. Each ski bunny is unique, just like the professional ski racers.