The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps

A pedestrian suspension bridge longer than that above Randa is nowhere in the Alps to be found. At almost 500 metres long, walkers and hikers can cross over the valley of the Zermatt - Matterhorn destination on a walkway.

The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge completes the Europaweg from Grächen to Zermatt. Many people consider this to be the most beautiful two-day hike in the Alps. If one covers the entire trail, one enjoys views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and the Bernese Alps. The suspension bridge can also be reached by foot from Randa.

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps is almost 500 m long and traverses the Grabengufer of the Lärchberg on the Höüschbiel and is 85 m above the valley at its highest point. Access is free and requires a certain lack of fear, because walkers cross on a walkway with grating one can see through.

The facts in brief:

  • Bridge length: 494 m
  • Highest point: 85 m
  • Width: 65 cm
  • Access to the bridge
    • By foot from Randa: 2-2.5 hours hiking time
    • By foot from Grächen: 6-7 hours hiking time
    • By foot from Zermatt: 6-7 hours hiking time
  • Open: May until October. Crossing the bridge should be avoided during storms (lightning bolts).
  • It is an advantage to not be afraid of heights for the crossing.
  • The bridge may NOT be crossed in winter and will open again in spring. We do not accept any liability.



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