Stones everywhere...

Along the edge of the path and below the rock wall are stones found in spring in the fields.

In the area around the granary, we can see different aspects of the cultural landscape; we’re beginning to “read” the terrain. In the fields, the grass is high and the area is free of debris and stones. Any gravel, boulders, twigs and branches that winter deposits in the fields were cleared away in spring and collected into piles. Over time, this created the “Rümhüffe”. At the upper edge of the field, we can even see a pile like this which has been put in a rocky niche. This was another way of looking after fertile grazing land.

Other, smaller, stones were piled up on both sides of the path, seen here in the form of a lane leading into the valley. As well as clearing away all portable stones and rocks, this also made it more difficult for livestock on their way to the mountain pastures to sneak into the hay fields for a treat.

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