Granary built in 1726, barn built in 1383 / 1576

Here we can see one of the best granaries in Zermatt, built on high stilts and stone slabs.

The granary, as the name suggests, was used for storing grain. Granaries built on slopes in the Valais tended to be raised up on stilts. The room created at the bottom was used for occasional work or as a covered storage space for any farming equipment, timber or tools. Next to it is a barn, with hay stored at the top and livestock kept underneath. There was a third building, but only the foundations remain.

Half a dozen buildings are scattered across the “uf de Aroflüe” area. The brick buildings are normal barns. As is often the case in the low fields and pastures in the Valais, some of these buildings have been converted into holiday apartments over the last few decades, and not without a touch of rural romanticism. Exposed stone facades and other embellishments provide a picturesque Alpine look that bears no resemblance to the rustic appearance of the real thing.

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