This peak belongs to the famous Nadelgrat pinnacle chain, north-west of Switzerland’s highest mountains.

4,219 m

First ascent
August 1869, exact date unknown

First climbed by
Franz Biner, R.B. Heathcote, Peter Perren, Peter Taugwalder

Tips for visitors

  • St. Niklaus (railway), Jungen cable car

Tips for hikers

  • Randa - Rötiboden – Weisshorn hut

Hohbärghorn: tips for mountaineers

  • Mountain guide necessary
  • Part of the Nadelgrat ridge
  • 2-day trip
  • Ideal option for ridge climb in mixed, high-altitude terrain
  • Difficult

High vantage point with view of the Dom
The Hohbärghorn is the third 4,000-metre summit of the Nadelgrat ridge, which consists of the Lenzspitze, Nadelhorn, Stecknadelhorn, Hohbärghorn and Dirruhorn. The ridge leads north-west from the Mischabel group, somewhat hidden between Saas-Fee and Randa. The Hohbärghorn, which is only 22 m lower than the neighbouring Stecknadelhorn, is glaciated on its north side (Ried Glacier), and rocky to the south. There is a magnificent view of the Dom from the summit.

Origin of name
The earlier name of “Hohberghorn” was replaced by the dialect version a few years ago.



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