Dirruhorn (Dürrenhorn)

The Dirruhorn (Dürrenhorn) is the last summit of the Nadelgrat ridge. It is located in the same massif as the Mischabel group of mountains, which is home to Switzerland’s highest peaks (Dom, Täschhorn).

4,035 m

First ascent
7 September 1879

First climbed by
Albert-Frederick Mummery, William Penhall, Alexander Burgener, Ferdinand Imseng

Tips for hikers

  • Route: Randa - Rötiboden - Weisshorn hut

Dirruhorn: tips for climbers

  • Mountain guide necessary
  • 2-day trip
  • Ideal option for ridge climb in mixed, high-altitude terrain
  • Difficult

The last outcrop of the Nadelgrat
The rocky Dirruhorn is the last summit of the Nadelgrat ridge, located north-west of the Mischabel massif. It forms the isolated end point of the Nadelgrat and, unlike the other four summits of the ridge, is seldom climbed – one reason being that much of the snow has melted away in recent years and there is a danger of falling rocks. The Nadelgrat links the Lenzspitze, Nadelhorn, Stecknadelhorn, Hobärghorn and Dirruhorn.

Origin of name
In the Valais dialect, “dirr” means “dry”. The Dirrufad (“dry path”) is a very dry, south-facing mountain meadow below the Dirrugrat ridge, which probably also provided the names for the ridge, glacier and summit.



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