Participation regulations

1. Participation

All persons shall be entitled to participate.

Zermatt Tourism expressly reserves the right to exclude any participants who breach these Terms and Conditions of Participation. Closing date is 30th of April 2018.


2. Rights and licence

By participating in this competition, the participant warrants that:

a) he/she has created the uploaded content on his/her own and at his/her own cost and is thus the sole holder of the relevant copyright and usage rights over the content transmitted;

b) the contents are free from third party rights and may be used in any form. This shall include the entitlement of the participant to portray all visually depicted objects, buildings and persons, including any personality rights and/or rights over names of all third parties that are portrayed, named or otherwise involved in the content.

c) the content included by him/her does not violate any relevant statutory or regulatory provisions or common decency (i.e. in particular does not contain any content that is liable to corrupt the young or that is pornographic, racist, inflammatory or offensive or glorifies violence).

Insofar as one or more people is or are recognisably portrayed in the picture, these persons must have consented to the publication of the image/story. Should nevertheless any third party claims be brought on account of a breach of their rights, the participant shall hold Zermatt Tourism harmless upon first demand against all claims, including reasonable legal defence costs.

All participants shall provide the stories and images uploaded by them in accordance with the CC BY-SA Creative Commons Licence "attribution, share-alike" (see This licence shall allow others, to disseminate, remix, improve and expand upon the author's work/content, including for commercial purposes, provided that the author is cited as the author of the original work and that the new works based on the work/content are published in accordance with the same conditions.


3. Liability

Zermatt Tourism does not accept any liability for the loss of or any damage to the stories/images submitted.

Zermatt Tourism shall in addition bear no liability in relation to:


a) errors during the transfer of data;

b) the theft or destruction of or the unauthorised access to and alteration of participant data;

c) technical disruptions of any kind;

d) damage to the computer of a participant or any other person arising as a result of participation in the competition.


4. Data protection

The personal data collected in relation to the blog (surname, first name, email address, country of origin and publicly available data) shall be collected exclusively for the purpose of holding the competition.


5. Organiser

The organiser and owner is:
Zermatt Tourism
Bahnhofplatz 5, 3920 Zermatt

Contact person:
Zermatt Tourism
+41 27 966 81 00,