Winter Opening Day live from Zermatt– Matterhorn


Zermatt – Matterhorn is reporting live from the destination on December 8, 2021.

Our digital Winter Opening launches the winter season 2021/22 with exciting and personal insights from Zermatt – the "Home of Winter". Reports will cover a range of issues, with interviews providing informative insights behind the scenes of the destination Zermatt – Matterhorn.

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Zermatt Tourism aims to get the social media community in the mood for the winter season with the Winter Opening Day live from Zermatt – featuring exciting stories from the destination and reports on the everyday activities of local people.

An interesting script has been developed over several weeks, starting with the sunrise on the Gornergrat and moving on to Air Zermatt to find out how they are preparing for the big snowfall and planning for avalanche rescue organisation. We then head to the Matterhorn ski paradise. For lunch, it’s over to the Sunnegga ski area as guests of the @Paradise restaurant. In the afternoon we head back to the Gornergrat ski area and learn about how the Igloo Village prepares for winter and the daily routine of the ski patrols. Then it's back to the village, where we take a horse-drawn carriage through the winter decorations on Zermatt’s Bahnhofstrasse. An interview with our mayor will provide interesting insights into village life and valuable winter tips. For the finale, we toast the winter together on the picturesque Kirchbrücke bridge.

Follow the big "Winter Opening Day" on December 8, 2021. December on our social media channels. Be there live as we take a look behind the scenes of the "Home of Winter".


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