Zermatt’s new 1 HP taxi


Alpin Cargo has been transporting packages with the help of its carriage horse, Benny, for several months. Now, passengers can hop on as well, as the logistics specialist brings carriage rides back to Zermatt.

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For several months now, Alpin Cargo has been delivering packages of up to 30 kilograms to the car-free Bahnhofstrasse with its carriage, which is drawn by the Polish coldblood Benny. As of last weekend, Benny will also carry passengers to their destinations every Friday to Sunday. The ride begins on Bahnhofstrasse and takes them wherever they need to go – so long as it’s accessible by carriage.

This isn’t the first time a horse-drawn taxi has made an appearance on the streets of Zermatt. In the 19th century, at the peak of English tourism in the Swiss Alps, carriages were an integral part of the town’s landscape. But modern carriage rides have been restricted to those offered to guests by two Zermatt hotels. Zermatt Tourism is therefore delighted that the town now once again boasts a carriage for its residents and tourists. Alpin Cargo took the initiative in setting up the service, and was supported by family-run logistics company Planzer. That’s why the carriage features the slogan «Horsepower by Planzer».

As a nod to history, Benny pulls a Victoria carriage, named after the English queen (1819–1901). It offers up to six seats, two of which can be covered on request, and was once used on festive occasions. The curved mudguards positioned over the wheels at the sides protected guests’ luxurious clothes from splashes. The carriage weighs 500 kilograms – no problem for a noble steed like Benny.

From mid-September 2020, several short films about and starring Benny will be available on www.derbenny.ch and various social media channels. The episodes, filmed in classic TV series style, portray the activities, friendships and adventures of Benny the carriage horse. The first series is already in production.

Anyone who’d like to take a spontaneous trip through Zermatt with Benny can keep an eye out for the carriage on Bahnhofplatz. Events such as weddings or anniversaries require an advance booking.