Air Zermatt renovates heliport


A new visitor centre with comfortable seating plus entertainment and information facilities form the heart of the renovated Air Zermatt heliport.

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During lockdown in spring 2020, most of Air Zermatt's aircraft remained on the ground. The helicopter company therefore used the time to renovate the heliport, adding a visitor centre, kitchen and office space.

The new visitor centre, including a shop, seating, docking stations, a coffee area and panoramic windows offering views of the take-off and landing site, will open in time for the 2020/2021 winter season. Fascinating facts and figures are displayed on the windows and films about Air Zermatt are shown on the screens. The visitor centre, with disability-friendly access, has an open, light design and is used as a waiting room before any flights.

The employee kitchen and office space has also been renovated and there is now a new VIP lounge for prominent guests. Air Zermatt hope that the new outdoor seating will encourage people to drop by the heliport and watch the action and bustle. The hangar, the second floor of the building and the landing site were not included in the renovations.