Exciting news from the Fuchs bakery!


Bäckerei Fuchs has some exciting innovations planned for this summer! Inspired by the growing demand for diverse culinary experiences, Bäckerei Fuchs is expanding its range to include delicious vegan and gluten-free products, while remaining true to its values and focussing on regionality and natural ingredients. New dishes are also being added to the café menu - so things are set to remain exciting! 


The Fuchs bakery is also taking a step towards digitalisation. You can now conveniently access the menu in the cafés using a QR code. With just one click, you can select, order and pay for your favourite dish - all directly from your smartphone. This should make your visit to the café even smoother and more enjoyable.  

The team at Bäckerei Fuchs is looking forward to welcoming you again this season!