Vrony Cotting-Julen is named as GaultMillau's "Host of the Year" 2022


GaultMillau's "Host of the Year" serves in a Zermatt ski lodge! It's a rather sophisticated "lodge". "Chez Vrony" is synonymous with outstanding Zermatt gastronomy on the slopes. The business has been run by Vrony Cotting-Julen over many years, with the support of her husband Max. She epitomises warmth and professionalism, providing an oasis of calm despite the daily rush to service. The gastro guide has also awarded Vrony Cotting-Julen 14 points.

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Some 860 restaurants are presented in the GaultMillau guide – a record number. 92 chefs moved up the ratings, 41 lost a point, 91 addresses were listed for the first time; a quarter of last year's new discoveries improved by a point.

The best restaurants in the Valais canton

Two of the gastro businesses on the list of best restaurants are from Zermatt. The first one is the After Seven in the Backstage Hotel, run by Ivo Adam and Florian Neubauer, and the other is the Capri in the Mont Cervin Palace under the management of Andrea Migliaccio and Giovanni Bavuso. Both restaurants scored an outstanding 17 points.

New in the guide

Four restaurants from Zermatt have now made it into the GaultMillau guide. These are the Diner's Club in the Backstage Hotel with 15 points, the Riffelhaus 1853 with 14 points, the Brasserie Uno with 14 points and the La Muña / Kitchen Schweizerhof with 13 points.

Zermatt restaurants in the GaultMillau Guide Switzerland 2022

In total, GaultMillau has awarded 285 points in Zermatt. 20 restaurants have met the threshold to display their GaultMillau points.

GaultMillau points Restaurant
17 - best restaurant in canton After Seven, Backstage Hotel
Ivo Adam, Florian Neubauer
17 - best restaurant in canton Capri, Mont Cervin Palace
Andrea Migliaccio, Giovanni Bavuso
16 Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni, Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
15 The Omnia
15 - New! Diner’s Club, Backstage Hotel,
Florian Neubauer
14 Cervo Mountain Resort
14 Chez Heini
14 Chez Vrony
14 China Garden
14 Findlerhof bei Franz und Heidi
14 Grill Le Cervin, Mont Cervin Palace
14 Restaurant Saveurs, Chalet Hotel Schönegg
14 - New! Riffelhaus 1853, Alain Kuster
14 - New! Brasserie Uno, Luis Romo
14 Zum See bei Max und Greti
13 - New! La Muña / Kitchen Schweizerhof Zermatt,
Stephan Benkendorf
13 Myoko
13 Sonnmatten
13 @paradise