The Rimpfischhorn is easily recognisable thanks to its distinctive shape. The pinnacles were formed from pillow lava that oozed from the floor of the prehistoric Tethys sea millions of years ago. The rock subsequently eroded to leave these striking pinnacles.

4,199 m

First ascent
9 September 1859

First climbed by
Melchior Anderegg, Leslie Stephen, Robert Liveing, Johann Zumtaugwald

Tips in village

  • Zermatlantis, the Matterhorn Museum: geological maps on the formation of the Rimpfischhorn

Tips for visitors

  • By the Rothorn cable car to the viewpoint, finest view of the Rimpfischhorn
  • By the Gornergrat Bahn cog railway up the Gornergrat, glorious views of the Rimpfischhorn

Tips for hikers

  • Kristallweg trail, Rothorn - Fluhalp - Stellisee - Blauherd
  • Five Lakes Walk, from Blauherd to Sunnegga
  • Naturweg trail, from Riffelalp to Sunnegga

Rimpfischhorn: tips for mountaineers

  • Mountain guide necessary
  • 2-day trip
  • Long, combined tour
  • Medium difficulty

A mountain flanked by glaciers
The Rimpfischhorn, with its jagged crest, is one of the peaks of the Mischabel massif, and lies to the east of Zermatt. It is a demanding summit for mountaineers, surrounded by magnificent glaciers. The Rimpfischhorn is regarded as a training peak for the Matterhorn: climbers who prove themselves here are ready to tackle the Matterhorn. The extensive icy flanks of the Rimpfischhorn are clearly visible from the Gornergrat.

Origin of name
The Rimpfischhorn received its name (derived from “rimpfen”, to wrinkle) from its jagged north ridge.

The summit cross on the Rimpfischhorn was carried up by the guardian of the Kin hut, Viktor Imboden, together with his younger son Iwan Imboden and Henry Willi. This was in memory of Viktor Imboden’s son Bernhard, who died in an accident in 1995 on the Roseg Glacier in Graubünden – on the last day of his mountain guide exams.

The German photographer, painter and draughtsman Albert Siebenmorgen (1894–1978) was one of the oldest people ever to climb the Rimpfischhorn (1972). He was 78 at the time.



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