The Weingartensee lake at the foot of the Alphubel looks almost like an infinity pool. The view: a vast sky, and on the horizon, the 4,000-metre peaks of the Matterhorn, Dent d’Hérens and Weisshorn.

Weingartensee means “vineyard lake”, but there are no vineyards here, far from it: the slopes at the foot of the Weingarten Glacier are strewn with boulders and completely bare. All around, the glacier has left its rocky traces. The Weingartensee (3,058 m) is a lake with a controlled outflow. Most remarkable of all, it looks like an infinity pool: the water seems to flow straight into the horizon and blend with the sky.

A lake such as the Weingartensee may reveal hidden dangers – as occurred on 25 June 2001 at 10pm. Rapid melting of snow gave rise to a mudflow that swept over the lake, causing considerable damage down in the village of Täsch. Soon afterwards, engineers reinforced the retaining dam and lowered the water level by 3.75 m.

  • Reservoir with magnificent mountain panorama
  • View of Matterhorn, Weisshorn
freely accessible / always open



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