The Felikjoch, beside the Felikhorn, is the highest crossing in the Alps. The Felikhorn itself is an inconspicuous peak located just across the border in Italy.

4,086 m

First ascent
19 August 1861

First climbed by
William Edward Hall, Jean-Pierre Cachat, Peter Perren, Josef-Marie Perren, J.F. Hardy, J.A. Hudson, C.H. Pilkington, A.C. Ramsay, T. Rennison, F. Sibson, R.M. Stephenson, Franz Lochmatter, Karl Herr and Stefan Zumtaugwald


  • Mountain guide necessary
  • Serves as connecting summit between the Castor and Liskamm
  • Medium difficulty

Highest crossing in the Alps
The Felikhorn is an inconspicuous 4,000-metre peak. It is located south-west of the Felikjoch, which can be reached in three hours from the new Monte Rosa hut or in one and a half hours from the Quintino Sella refuge (Italian Alpine Club, CAI). The Felikjoch is the highest crossing in the Alps for mountain tours. It connects the Matter valley to the Val de Gressoney, and links the new Monte Rosa hut with the Quintino Sella refuge via the Zwilling and Felik glaciers. It is especially useful for those who want to climb the Castor or the Liskamm from the Quintino Sella hut.



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