Zermatt is car-free

Zermatt has been car-free for as long as anyone can remember. For private vehicles, access is allowed until Täsch (5 km from Zermatt). The road from Täsch to Zermatt is closed to normal traffic.

There are various possibilities for parking. The Matterhorn Terminal in Täsch has 2,100 covered parking spaces. In addition, there are over 1,000 parking spaces (open and covered) offered by private parties. In Täsch, one changes to the shuttle train and travels in comfort to Zermatt. An alternative to Zermatt: by taxi from Täsch.

  • Shuttle trains travel the Täsch-Zermatt route every 20 minutes.
  • Inside the Matterhorn Terminal Täsch, one changes directly and conveniently to the modern shuttle trains.
  • There is a service centre in the Matterhorn Terminal with ATM, shops, etc.
  • The train trip from Täsch to Zermatt lasts 12 minutes.
  • End of the line: in the heart of the Matterhorn village.
  • Taxi service is available from different private companies.
  • There are car rental agencies in Täsch and Zermatt.
  • There is a Mobility station in Zermatt.

Getting around Zermatt

  • by foot
  • by horse-drawn carriage
  • by eTaxi
  • by bike or mountain bike
  • free eBus (2 routes: skibus and Winkelmatten bus)

Car rentals and Mobility sharing

A car is available for Mobility customers. The Mobility vehicle may travel on the Zermatt-Täsch road. Location: Urania Parking, Zermatt (Spiss). Companies in Täsch and Zermatt also offer rental cars. On request, there are automobiles available that may travel on the Täsch-Zermatt road.