Baby carriage way

Hiking is possible even with small children, who cannot yet walk. The various pram-friendly trails with different distances and difficulties are suitable for this. Rest benches, playgrounds or fireplaces for cosy breaks as well as restaurants are always in the immediate vicinity.

Furi Trail (Nr. 35)

Hiking trail | easy

A quiet road leads from Furi down to Zermatt. A stroll in the pleasant shade of the larch trees can lead to some delightful surprises!

 4,9 km  1,10 h  91 m  347 m

Zermatt Forest Trail (Nr. 12)

Hiking trail | medium

The path traces a leisurely zig-zag through the mixed larch forest. The trees provide shade but also offer frequent views to the horizon. Around Ried, the vista opens up dramatically to reveal the resplendent Matterhorn.

 6,4 km  1,50 h  3 m  619 m

Täsch Circular Trail (Nr. 42)

Hiking trail | easy

This round walk is perfect for anyone wishing to acclimatise to the altitude or simply relax. It’s also ideal for families with children.

 4,6 km  1,10 h  28 m  28 m

360° Loop Gornergrat (Nr. 16)

Theme trail | easy

The Gornergrat is one of Switzerland’s top excursions with good reason. This short circular route lets visitors experience the magic of the Gornergrat and the impressive scenic panorama.

 0,5 km  0,20 h  19 m  18 m

Pensioners' Trail / Lower High-Altitude Trail (Nr. 4a)

Hiking trail | easy

This path offers glimpses of three parallel worlds: the village, mountain forest and the Gornergrat Bahn cog railway. The trail climbs gently to a level where the views alternate between lush woodland and the rooftops of Zermatt.

 2,2 km  1,0 h  55 m  78 m

Pram or Baby Carriage Rentals

Families do not necessarily want to take their own pram or baby carriage when travelling to Zermatt. It is worthwhile renting the right one once there.