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Which is the Matterhorn’s best side? We’ll show you where the best spots are for the perfect photo.

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Viewpoint Kirchbrücke bridge

© Zermatt Tourismus

The Kirchbrücke bridge is one of the best known and loved viewpoints in the village. The outlook from the bridge provides a direct view of the Matterhorn, including the Mattervispa river below and surrounding larch trees.

How to get there: Walk from Bahnhofstrasse - pass the church and the museum and continue to the next bridge.

Our tip: It’s worth getting up early! Make sure you don't miss the first rays of sun on the Matterhorn.

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Kirchplatz viewpoint

© Pascal Gertschen

There is lots to see on Bahnhofstrasse. When you reach Kirchplatz, however, take the opportunity to capture the perfect Matterhorn picture. At the town hall (Gemeindehaus), climb the steps onto the terrace and look south. The traditional wooden houses in the foreground add a special charm to a beautiful picture.

How to get there: From the station or over the Kirchbrücke to Kirchplatz.

Our tip: You can include another typical Swiss emblem in your picture too. There’s a huge bronze alphorn on the steps of the building– a traditional Swiss instrument.

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Viewpoint in the Old Village

Alter Dorfteil
© Pascal-Gertschen

In this part of the village, you could have stepped back in time to a bygone era. These old, traditional houses made from solid larch wood and roofed with heavy roof tiles are definitely worth a visit.

This viewpoint is especially impressive if you start your tour at the Ulrich Inderbinen memorial fountain and walk up into the old part of the village.

How to get there: From the centre you can reach the Old Village from behind the Hotel Mont Cervin Palace or at the bridge Zum Steg - pass Harry's Bar and then turn right.

Our tip: Around the middle of Hinterdorfstrasse, look through the houses on the left to catch a glimpse of the Matterhorn.

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Riedweg viewpoint

Riedweg Sommer
© Pascal Gertschen

There is no fixed location for this viewpoint. However, the view of the Matterhorn and the village below becomes even better the further you walk from village centre and the higher you follow the Riedweg trail.

How to get there: The Riedweg trail starts just above the Parkhotel Beau Site and leads slightly uphill to the north.

Our tip: There is a special atmosphere during the "Blue Hour" – after sunset and before dusk.

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Le Petit Village viewpoint at Mürini

Petit Village bei Mürini
© Zermatt Tourismus

This viewpoint is located outside the village in the Wiest quarter. It’s worth heading out of the centre of the village: you’ll find a unique view across the whole village here, with the Matterhorn in the background.

How to get there: On foot or by bike up Wiestistrasse to the last houses and on to the end of the street.

Our tip: Even at dusk or night, a photograph of the village lights is the perfect reward for your efforts.

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Zen Stecken viewpoint

Zen Stecken
© Michael Portmann

It's just short distance from the village, but you feel in the heart of nature. In spring and summer there are flowers and green meadows as far as the eye can see; in winter a blanket of snow. You can’t miss this view of the Matterhorn.

How to get there: Follow Oberdorfstrasse on foot to the southern end of the village to reach the hiking trail in the direction of Furi.

Our tip: Follow the path towards Furi for about ten minutes, then turn right at the first bench and follow the path uphill. You’ll see a perfect photo panorama after about five minutes: the Matterhorn with a few barns, framed by old larch trees.

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Viewpoint at the bench on Höhbalmen

© Zermatt Tourismus

It’s a long steep path to reach this viewpoint – but it’s worth it. Once you reach the top, you are almost at eye level with the Matterhorn, on a plateau high above the village of Zermatt. After the climb, you can sit comfortably on the small bench and enjoy the panorama.

How to get there: Follow hiking trail no. 30 via Trift to Höhbalmen. Around three hours hiking time.

Our tip: You can enjoy a break at the Trift mountain restaurant before you begin the last steep ascent for Höhbalmen. Specialities: home-made ice tea and apple cake.

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Tufteren viewpoint

Tuftern Sommer
© Pascal Gertschen

The idyllic viewpoint at Tufteren promises charming photographs that have it all: a view of the Matterhorn, typical wooden houses, flower meadows in the summer or snow-covered slopes in winter.

How to get there: Take the hiking trail from Sunnegga in summer or winter or via ski slope no. 9.

Our tip: Keep a look-out for views of the Matterhorn on the hiking trail to Tufteren. You can often catch a glimpse through the trees.

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Hidden Valley viewpoint

Verlorenes Tal
© Zermatt Tourismus

Known locally as the Hidden Valley, this is a secluded location far away from everything. There are no signposts so it’s not easy to find. For those who make it, however, a quiet and idyllic valley awaits: green meadows, a small river and a view of the Matterhorn at the end of the valley.

How to get there: See our tip

Our tip: Local hiking guides offer tours to this secret hidden valley, guaranteeing that you really find the right place.

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Riffelsee lake viewpoint

© Pascal Gertschen

The Riffelsee lake and its Matterhorn reflection cast a spell that draws people from around the world: a viewpoint that is high on the bucket lists of Zermatt visitors. It’s especially beautiful in spring, when the first flowers appear. Or in autumn with its orange-yellow hues.

How to get there: Take the Gornergrat train to Rotenboden station, where it is a short hike down to the lake.

Our tip: To enjoy the silence and fully appreciate the natural beauty, it's worth getting up early to catch the first train.

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Riffelalp viewpoint

© Zermatt Tourismus

The small park in front of the Riffelalp Resort promises the perfect picture – change your angle to frame the Matterhorn between the two large pine trees. And if the hotel’s red tram happens to pass by at the right moment: press the button quickly!

How to get there: Take the Gornergrat Railway to Riffelalp station, where a number hiking trails are available. Or take piste no. 39 in winter.

Our tip: Plan enough time to stay for lunch. A variety of restaurants offer spacious sun terraces and wonderful panoramic views.

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Stellisee lake viewpoint

© Pascal Gertschen

This view has been the subject of numerous advertising posters. In ideal weather conditions, the Matterhorn is impressively reflected in the lake. It gives the impression of an abyss behind the lake, directly in front of the Matterhorn.

How to get there: Take with the underground funicular to Sunnegga and continue by gondola to Blauherd. From here, following the hiking trail for around 20 minutes.

Our tip: It’s worth staying overnight in the nearby Fluhalp mountain hut and getting up early the following morning to watch the sun rise. 

You can also combine this viewpoint easily with the Five Lakes Walk.

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North face viewpoint from the Schwarzee lake bench

Bänklein Schwarzsee Nordwand
© Zermatt Tourismus

The Matterhorn appears imposing and quite different from this perspective of its steep and rough north face. It is worth stopping on the bench at the edge of the trail/slope and letting the panorama work its magic.

How to get there: Take the hiking trail from Schwarzsee to Stafel in summer or ski there in winter on piste no. 52.

Our tip: Ask a passing hiker or skier if they have time to take a picture of you, the bench and the north face of the Matterhorn.

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