Viewpoint Kirchplatz and the Community Centre terrace

There are few photo points as centrally located as this one. It's perfect for taking a photo of the Matterhorn and traditional Valais wooden houses.

When you first arrive at the station, there’s more to think about than just the Matterhorn. There are so many things that draw your eye: people, restaurants, shop windows etc. However, when you reach Kirchplatz, you have a perfect opportunity to take a photo of the Matterhorn. You can either climb a few of the church steps or stand on the Community Centre's terrace (open to the public) and look south. The old wooden houses in the foreground provide additional charm for the photo.

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  • At the Community Centre there is a huge bronze alphorn to admire.
  • Next to Kirchplatz is the Matterhorn Museum, which takes you on a tour through Zermatt in the 19th century, before there were any cable cars or ski lifts.
  • St. Mauritius Church is open to all visitors and has some attractive murals and decorations.
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