Zermatt's own podcast: “Iischers Zermatt”


A new podcast aims to stimulate discussion in Zermatt with regular audio broadcasts. “Iischers Zermatt” – which means “our Zermatt” in the local dialect – hopes to raise awareness of pressing issues around Zermatt and create a vehicle for stories and ideas. The first episode will go live on 13 October 2022.

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“Iischers Zermatt” will adopt an independent, informative, entertaining style that aims to promote insightful, constructive and solution-oriented dialogue.

The podcast intends to look for answers to questions raised in Zermatt and discuss hot topics in the village. What are the big issues in Zermatt? What topics do we need to discuss? What challenges do we face? How can we tackle them? What about our identity and our common values?

And any other issues you want to raise – it's up to the people of Zermatt to decide on the content. “Iischers Zermatt” seeks to provide a platform for transparency and an open culture of discussion. Users are invited to contact “Iischers Zermatt” with suggestions for topics, ideas or criticism. In addition to the discussions initiated by “Iischers Zermatt” from an independent perspective, the organisers also expect content to evolve in parallel from within the local population.

“Iischers Zermatt” will be launched with a fortnightly audio broadcast lasting 40 – 60 minutes. It will be mainly broadcast in the Valais dialect or Swiss German. Each programme will feature up to three guests on a particular topic. “Iischers Zermatt” is aimed at the local population – people who work and live in Zermatt or users who simply feel connected to Zermatt.

It will be financed exclusively by its users through a subscription model, independent of sponsors, investors or other financial subsidies. Subscribers can access individual broadcasts on any device such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer directly from the Iischers Zermatt website.

“Iischers Zermatt” is all about Zermatt and how it thrives. Become a part of it and get involved. As a guest in a programme. As a contributor of ideas. As a listener.

Who is behind “Iischers Zermatt”?

The initiator, host, producer and presenter of “Iischers Zermatt” is David Taugwalder. As a local lad, he is passionate about the concept: “I strongly believe that we need a transparent, open dialogue and a broad discussion about Zermatt, its challenges, developments and influences. We live in a complex and fast-moving world and it is important to clarify our place in it in a thoughtful, constructive and clear way. I want to contribute to this with ‘Iischers Zermatt’, while also creating a vehicle for clever ideas and good stories.”

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