The Schalisee lake (1,428 m) lies on the flat valley floor near Täsch, framed by larches and grassy meadows. It’s the ideal spot for families to relax, swim, enjoy a picnic and water skiing.

360° Panorama

The Schalisee lies beside the hiking trail linking Täsch and Randa, and offers a perfect place for families to swim, relax, lie in the sun or the cool shade, play games or enjoy a picnic. The barbecue areas have wood for burning. Children of all ages adore swimming here; small children love playing with the scattered twigs and cones from the many larch trees all around.

  • 20 minutes’ walk from Täsch railway station along the Mattervispa river
  • Partly shaded by larches 

  • Tables, benches, barbecue areas
  • WC nearby
  • With waterski lift
  • Material for water skiing on the spot
  • Golf course nearby
  • Bike Zone Schali consisting of a Pump Track, a Skills Loop as well as Jump Lines
  • Photo subject: valley and view towards the Klein Matterhorn (3,883 m)
  • Beachvolley area
  • little restaurant
  • children’s playground
freely accessible / always open



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