Mobile pump track Zermatt

Zermatt’s mobile pump track is the perfect opportunity for children and even experienced bikers to pursue the sport of mountain biking in the village. The mobile pump track is available on "Chrome" sports ground in Zermatt throughout the summer season. Additionally, there is also an obstacle park for children.

The pump track is a fun way for children and even professional riders to practice. Children can discover the sport of mountain biking for themselves and do their first circuits of rollers either on the pump track or on the obstacle park.

Experienced mountain bikers can test their stamina, strength and speed on the pump track, whilst simultaneously practising and improving their technique, skill and sense of balance.

All users of the pump track and the obstacle park are asked to comply with the following rules:

  • Do not overestimate yourself! The use of the system is at your own risk. The operator shall not assume any liability.
  • Respect the other riders and always maintain enough distance.
  • Wearing a helmet on the entire facility is mandatory. Suitable protective gear is recommended.
  • The use of the pump track is only allowed with non-motorised equipment (bikes, scooters, skateboards and inline skates).
  • The use of the course is only allowed with bicycles (incl. e-bikes).
  • Keep the facilities and the surrounding area clean by disposing of your waste. Thank you!
  • Please respect the residents as well as the community’s quiet times.
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