Barbecue area at Attermenzen

This family barbecue area lies close to the Attermenzen campsite near Randa, not far from the car park. The forest offers welcome shade, and the nearby Wildibach river provides a soothing soundtrack.

This barbecue area is ideal for families exploring by car. The nearby stream (“Bach”) is called the Wildibach, and occasionally it swells abruptly, fully living up to its name. Down in the valley, visitors are not necessarily aware of what is happening high up among the 4,000-metre peaks of the Mischabel massif, and a storm can quickly generate flash floods downstream. As a result, visitors should always take great care around the Wildibach; the barbecue area itself, however, is totally safe, and a wonderfully peaceful spot.

  • Tables and benches
  • WC (key available from municipality office)
  • Gather wood nearby for burning
  • Bring matches and newspaper for lighting fire
  • Shady
  • Car park nearby
  • Campsite nearby
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