Zermatt Unplugged: The Melting Pot of Great Experiences

The Zermatt Unplugged acoustic music festival has evolved into an unforgettable part of the Swiss music scene. The first “release” took place in 2007. In the meantime, the flair of this annual festival occasion is so unique that guests gladly return to Zermatt in April time after time.

Information about the next Zermatt Unplugged


Founded in 2007 by Thomas Sterchi and Marco Godat as the Singer and Songwriter Festival, the Zermatt Unplugged event increasingly evolved into a meeting point for those who love undistorted sound. The Zermatt Unplugged festival is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Facts about Zermatt Unplugged

  • Festival: At the beginning of April, from Tuesday to Saturday
  • 13 concert locations in the village
  • 3 concert locations in the mountains
  • Around 80 concerts
  • Artist in Residence at 3 locations
  • Pop Up-Bands: 2 bands play at the festival and appear spontaneously at different locations throughout the village

Concerts on the Highest Heights

Since 2014, there has also been music to be heard in the highest heights – in the true sense of the word. The musicians from Ronnie Scott’s London jazz club perform in the open at the Gandegghütte (3,030 m). This means that the guests arrive as winter hikers or wearing ski suits and boots while they dance in the snow.

The Sunnegga Session also has its own faithful audience. Together with the musicians, they take the funicular to the Restaurant Sunnegga, where an aperitif with a view of the mountain panorama and then dinner are ready for everyone. Afterwards, they all go to the little concert hall. Red velvet everywhere, only 100 guests and an impressive intimate ambiance.

  • Ronnie Scott’s All Stars: at the Gandegghütte (3,030 m) and in the Hotel Mont Cervin Palace
  • Sunnegga Sessions (2,288 m), on Thursday and Friday

Newcomer Stages

"I was there when . . ." is something one can say later after some newcomer performed in Zermatt and soon thereafter raced to the top of the charts. This is what happened with Bastian Baker, 77 Bombay Street, James Gruntz or Dabu Fantastic.

  • Locations in the village and on the mountain (Blauherd, 2,571 m)
  • An atmosphere from reverently quiet to frantically exuberant
  • Distinctive dialogue between the musicians and audience

Club: Fans Become the Family

What should one do with a committed loyal fan base? This is what the Zermatt Unplugged organisers asked themselves. Since 2014, these fans have also had a home: They can become members of the Zermatt Unplugged Club.

  • exclusive advanced ticket sales 24 hours before the first tickets are offered to the general public.
  • daily Zermatt Unplugged aperitif
  • Club Pin for access to the foyer tent and the after show parties
  • Programme and pin
  • Club Newsletter
  • special offers and contests


If you would like to experience the festival from a completely different perspective sometime, you can sign up as a volunteer. One has the possibility to have a backstage perspective and become part of the loyal Zermatt Unplugged team.

  • experience concerts from an unusual perspective
  • room and board
  • helper t-shirt

Taste Village

"Every year, we consistently raise the quality of the festival and work on its further development," said Rolf Furrer, managing director of Zermatt Unplugged. "For the first time, guests will have their own enjoyment oasis, the Taste Village," he explained. This chalet village in the centre of Zermatt has musical and culinary offers.

  • 8 small booths for food and drink with cuisine focussed on Valais and Switzerland
  • fire baskets for atmosphere and warmth
  • Specialties: Swiss meat, Gommer Cholera (pie with local cheese and vegetable), pizza, roast beef sandwiches, caviar and oysters
  • Admission: with Unplugged Pass or a valid concert day ticket
  • 1 stage with 3 newcomer concerts each day