Keramik Studio Zermatt

Find us hidden behind the small wooden cellar doors of a mountain house on the ski slopes and hiking trails of Furi Zermatt. The studio belongs to the Aroleid collective and is an extension of the restaurant above.

Enjoy a coffee or a snack on site from the homemade ceramics in the Aroleid restaurant. See how the pieces are produced on site in the studio and immerse yourself in the artistic everyday life of our ceramist.

The pieces that end up at this location are intended to reflect the impressions and feelings of the area around the Matterhorn in the hope that everyone will have a part in it. Each piece is shaped, fired and glazed by hand, which in turn makes each one unique. Just like the place itself, our pieces should also invite you to take a moment, take a deep breath and simply enjoy. It is also possible to order individual ceramics from us according to your wishes. Talk to our ceramist directly, write an email or give us a call.

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Karte & Anreise

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