Q&A destination gift card

Our FAQs with all the important facts you need about the destination voucher.

What is the destination voucher? 
The destination voucher is a voucher that can be redeemed across almost the entire Zermatt - Matterhorn destination. Over 240 businesses of all kinds accept the destination voucher. 

Where can I redeem the voucher? 
The following overview lists the acceptance partners in the destination:

Acceptance partners

What happens to any outstanding amount if I do not redeem the entire voucher at once?
The remaining amount remains on the voucher and can still be redeemed at all partners. The voucher expires after 10 years.

Where can I see the remaining amount?
A new voucher with the remaining amount can be printed out/sent to you on request.

How is the voucher redeemed on zermatt.ch? 
Each voucher has an individual code at the bottom of the voucher. You enter this in the field provided when you check out. Example code: MT0000FC0000

Is it possible to redeem the voucher at the Zermatt Tourism counter?
Yes, the voucher can also be redeemed at the Zermatt Tourism counter.

Where can I see how long the voucher is still valid? 
The order date is printed on the voucher. The voucher is valid for 10 years from this date.