Zermatt Festival: A Pioneer Work at an Historic Location


The Zermatt Festival & Academy enchants Zermatt once again with classical music from 8 to 17 September 2017. This time, the Festival also goes to the Monte Rosa hut (2,883 m), where "In Sturm und Eis", the mountain film by Arnold Fanck with music by Paul Hindemith will be shown.

The Alpine Symphony "Im Kampf mit dem Berge, Part 1, In Sturm und Eis" by the mountain film pioneer Arnold Fanck will be shown in the Monte Rosa hut on 11 September 2017. In 1920, the film crew carried its heavy film cameras all the way to a location very close to today’s Monte Rosa hut.

The location as a place for a film projection was selected because the film crew set off from a nearby hut to the Lyskamm for the filming. The absolutely spectacular images – even by today’s standards – were captured on celluloid. Images of mountain climbers working their way over huge seracs with mighty snowcaps can be seen.

"We show this film during the Festival programme every year, but always at a different location. This year, we are returning to the place where it ‘happened’," said Patrick Peikert from the Zermatt Festival. Therefore, Alpinists can compare the state of our glaciers today and from that time of almost 100 years ago. The film projection in the Monte Rosa hut is accompanied by the music of Paul Hindemith.

Information: Monte Rosa hut, Monday, 11 September 2017, 7:30 pm

The path to the Monte Rosa hut goes over the Grenz Glacier. Mountain guides recommended.


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At Riffelalp Once Again

Once again this year, exclusive concerts with the Scharoun Ensemble can be enjoyed in the Riffelalp Chapel. This was not possible last year because the Riffelalp Resort was undergoing renovations and therefore the infrastructure was missing.


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