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Rotenboden - Riffelberg

Winter hiking | easy

The winter views here are some of the finest in the Zermatt region. The trail leads below the shady Riffelhorn and back into dazzling sunshine, revealing a breathtaking vista culminating in the Gornergrat. A fairy-tale adventure with views that seem to go on for ever.

 2,5 km  1,0 h  28 m  264 m

Rotenboden toboggan run

Tobogganing | easy

The toboggan run on the Gornergrat is one of the finest in the Alps. Zermatt’s mountain panorama with the Matterhorn offers the ultimate setting for sledging. The thrilling run lasts about 10 minutes.

 1,5 km  0,10 h  0 m  233 m


Mountain tour | hard

The Rothorn hut attracts a colourful variety of mountaineers seeking high-altitude challenges. Regular mountain hikers, too, enjoy the climb up to the Eseltschuggen.

 8,1 km  4,40 h  1696 m  116 m

Rundwanderung Täsch

Hiking trail | easy

This round walk is perfect for anyone wishing to acclimatise to the altitude or simply relax. It’s also ideal for families with children.

 4,4 km  1,10 h  92 m  92 m

Rundwanderung Täsch

Winter hiking | easy

This round walk leads along the flat valley floor around Täsch. It’s ideal for families, for relaxed strolls with the kids and the dog.

 4,4 km  1,10 h  93 m  93 m


Regional hiking tour | hard

This hike of some eight kilometres is tough, either way round. As a descent, it puts quite a strain on the knees; anyone hiking it uphill, starting from Furi, is sure to sleep soundly that night. Walked in either direction, the trail promises fabulous views and a wonderful experience.

 7,6 km  2,30 h  171 m  1228 m


Regional hiking tour | medium

Highlights of this medium-difficulty walk from Randa include Alp Rötiboden (1,970 m), which offers breathtaking views over the valley and of the surrounding mountain peaks.

 7,4 km  3,45 h  827 m  827 m

Schwarzsee - Schönbielhütte

Hiking trail | hard

The trail to the Schönbiel hut is full of variety; the view from the hut of the north face of the Matterhorn is breathtaking.

 19,7 km  7,10 h  832 m  1543 m


Regional hiking tour | medium

Here, the spirit finds space, freedom and relaxation. The view of the distant horizons, with the panorama of peaks including the Matterhorn, is sure to linger long in the memory.

 3,2 km  1,5 h  18 m  519 m

Sunnegga - Tufteren

Winter hiking | easy

This fairly flat winter walk leads from Sunnegga through sparse woodland to Tufteren.

 2 km  0,30 h  64 m  129 m

Swiss Topwalk

Regional hiking tour | hard

Keen runners use the Swiss Topwalk as a training course. Regular hikers, too, enjoy the trail, which begins gently in the forest before leading along the scenic Aussichtsweg path up to the Gornergrat.

 6,3 km  3,0 h  928 m  63 m

Täsch - Randa

Winter hiking | easy

This simple winter hiking trail leads along the eastern side of the valley from Täsch to Randa. Ideal for families with children, pushchair and dog.

 4,2 km  1,10 h  61 m  85 m

Täsch - Täschhütte

Regional hiking tour | hard

This varied walk offers a fascinating experience of different aspects of the alpine world: views of towering mountains, a surprising variety of alpine flora and a glimpse behind the scenes of a mountaineers’ hut.

 7,3 km  3,25 h  1379 m  113 m

Täsch cross-country ski trail

Cross-country skiing | easy

The 15 km of cross-country ski trails between Täsch and Randa, both classic-style and skating-style, are highly popular. The well-prepared circuits of the Matterhorn trail enable skiers to explore a variety of terrain.

 10 km  0,52 h  260 m  261 m

Täsch toboggan run

Tobogganing | medium

The toboggan run in Täsch is something of an insider’s secret. The way to the starting point is on foot, zig-zagging up the slope until just before Eggstadel.

 3,6 km  0,17 h  51 m  458 m

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