Experiences at the foot of a glacier, on a green alpine meadow, at an idyllic mountain lake. Is it to be an unforgettable mountain tour – in the face of the highest and most beautiful mountains in the alps? Or an excursion to comfortably get to the top of a mountain peak?

Hiking, mountain biking or summer skiing? All of that in the cool and fresh air of the mountains. 38 four thousand-meter peaks can be reached from Zermatt. On tours, by climbing, by crossing, while engaging in snow sports in the highest ski area in the alps. A mountain summer can be experienced and enjoyed in over 100 different ways.


Landscapes with breathtaking views lure one into the heights. Zermatt offers casual hikes to the glaciers. And pure enjoyment hiking to the mountain restaurant terraces. And almost always in sight: the mountain of mountain, the Matterhorn.