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Kickbike on Sunnegga

Cycling | medium

Kickbike, that’s the thrilling ride from Sunnegga down to the village of Zermatt. The wind in your hair, spectacular scenery: this is outdoor adventure at its best.

 7,2 km  0,45 h  152 m  821 m


Hiking trail | medium

This varied walk leading past the hamlet of Wildi reveals measures local people have taken to protect themselves from nature, which can often show her wilder side.

 4,4 km  1,45 h  414 m  414 m


Regional hiking tour | medium

This path leads to many of the highlights of the Zermatt mountains. Delightful sights include the reflection of the Matterhorn in the surface of the Stellisee lake.

 5,4 km  1,45 h  118 m  638 m

Larch Trail

Theme trail | medium

The Lärchenweg (Larch Trail) leads across alpine pastures, along sparse forest that is home to numerous gnarled and ancient Swiss stone pine trees and tall larches. The theme trail is devoted to the nutcracker, an emblematic local bird species.

 4,4 km  1,40 h  62 m  773 m

Mark Twain Weg

Regional hiking tour | medium

On the trail of the American writer Mark Twain: a pleasant walk on the Riffelberg with breathtaking views of the Matterhorn. In his satirical account "Climbing the Riffelberg", Mark Twain poked fun at the expeditions of the 19th century into the alpine world around Zermatt.

 2,5 km  0,50 h  37 m  400 m

Marmot Trail

Theme trail | medium

This walk is a must for families, offering a chance to watch marmots close-up.

 3,8 km  1,10 h  135 m  426 m

Matterhorn ascent

Alpine climbing | hard

At 4,478 m, the Matterhorn is the most difficult classic in the Alps. The climb and descent is done exclusively over rocks and ice, and it requires outstanding fitness and experience in rock climbing with and without crampons. The normal route is via the Hörnligrat and is only suitable for well-versed mountaineers accompanied by a mountain guide.

 3,9 km  8,30 h  1046 m  1037 m

Matterhorn Glacier Trail

Theme trail | medium

This route offers a fascinating glimpse of a world between rock and ice. Walkers approach the glacier on a safe path, close enough to see the meltwater running out: a memorable moment on a special hiking adventure.

 6,5 km  2,0 h  188 m  534 m

Matterhorn Trail

Theme trail | medium

The Matterhorn, the ultimate mountain… This trail explores its many facets: its physical origins, its stories and legends, its very essence.

 9,8 km  2,55 h  112 m  1077 m

Matterhorn Ultraks Trail "16K"

Trail running | easy

This course makes a good introduction to mountain running: 16 km long, with 1,100 vertical metres of ascent and descent. The route leads through the mountains west of Zermatt, over the slopes of the Rothorn and Gornergrat.

 17,2 km  1,25 h  1100 m  1100 m

Matterhorn Ultraks Trail "30K"

Trail running | medium

This course demands a great deal of effort, even though endurance athletes regard it as “medium” distance. Runners cover a total of 31.5 km, with ascents and descents of 1,950 vertical metres.

 31,7 km  3,5 h  1950 m  1950 m

Matterhorn Ultraks Trail "46K"

Trail running | hard

This race pushes the fittest and toughest endurance athletes to the limit: 48 km long, 3,600 vertical metres of ascent and descent, and plenty of challenging terrain. A contest without mercy for diehard runners.

 48,1 km  4,45 h  3600 m  3600 m

Matterhorn Ultraks Trail "VZS"

Trail running | hard

This course represents a thrilling challenge for super-fit runners: 2.5 km long, 655 vertical metres and some tricky terrain. A race for hardened athletes who nonetheless prefer to take care of their joints.

 2,5 km  0,25 h  655 m  13 m


Mountainbiking | easy

On the Moos-Trail, every bike rider experiences a major adventure in the bike paradise of Zermatt – Matterhorn. The super soft tour from the hamlet of Furi to Zermatt is ideal for taking excellent advantage of gravity. Chainless too!

 1,3 km  0,10 h  1 m  101 m


Hiking trail | medium

The Naturweg (Nature Path) is a treat for body and soul. At first it leads through a forest with ancient Swiss stone pine trees, before entering the bare landscape left by the retreating Findel Glacier. Here, the sweeping views extend all the way to the Matterhorn.

 6,2 km  1,40 h  331 m  267 m

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