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The perfect bike day for the …

Trail lover

After a generous breakfast in one of the bike hotels or bike holiday apartments it's time to explore the trails around Zermatt.


The Zermatt Bike Pass is perfect for people who love mountain bike trails: Unlimited mountain rides including bike transport on the following railways: Zermatt/Sunnegga/Blauherd, Zermatt/Gornergrat, Zermatt/Furi/Riffelberg and Zermatt/Furi/Schwarzsee. 


The Matterhorn Express takes you up to Schwarzsee to the start of the Schwarzsee–Zermatt route. Below the north face of the Matterhorn, the gravel road snakes down to Stafel. From there the bike-tour Yo-Yo promises a lot of fun.


This tour leads to the hamlet of Z’Mutt. There you will find two small but excellent restaurants for a short break:


After Z’Mutt, the route becomes a bit steeper as you get to the tricky Yo-Yo Trail back to Zermatt.


The Gornergrat Railway helps you to reach the altitude you need to really fly down the next slope. The bike-tour Kelle offers everything a singletrack trail heart desires. 


The tour ends at the hamlet of Findeln. Now it’s lunch time. Enjoy a delicious lunch on one of these restaurant terraces:


When you’re feeling recharged, take the new Sunnegga-Trail back to Zermatt. You’ve now got two options: 


 Option 1: Round off your bike day with a cool beer: 


Option 2: If you've still got the energy for more trails, you’ll love helibiking. As a final highlight of the day, an Air Zermatt helicopter will take you up to the Unterrothorn, where you’ll have the trails all to yourself.


After a short downhill from the Unterrothorn, you’ll reach the Fluhalp restaurant. You can rest here for a short while or overnight, but either way the views of the surrounding mountains are simply unforgettable.


Here’s a tip: Below the Fluhalp, the Matterhorn can be seen reflected in the Stellisee. It's an opportunity for some fabulous photos, particularly at sunrise or sunset.


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