personalising a relaxation bench
The procedure for …

personalising a relaxation bench

Select a free bench, this map helps you in finding a free bench at Zermatt – Matterhorn. All the green locations are free.


Do you have a personal favourite place in Zermatt and there is no relaxation bench nearby? Then tell us where this place is as exactly as possible. We will be happy to clarify for you whether there is a possibility for the new placement of a bench.


To confirm the order, please fill out all of the requested information in this form.


To personalise your relaxation bench, you have the possibility to have a personal text engraved on a golden plate. To do this, please fill out this form


After you send your order confirmation, you receive an invoice from the Commune of Zermatt. Please pay this invoice within 30 days. After your payment has been received, your plate is made and the bench is installed. You will receive a confirmation as soon as your personal relaxation bench has been installed.* From the date of that notice, the five-year period begins.

 *Please note that the relaxation bench can only be installed after the last snow has melted.


After five years, you will receive written notification from us that it is possible to extend the life of your relaxation bench for a further five years at a price of CHF 1’111.00. Your relaxation bench and your personal sign will be completely cleaned and maintained if necessary.


We are happy to answer your questions about personalising a relaxation bench:


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