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Tous ceux qui ont réussi l'ascension du Cervin peuvent s'inscrire S'enregistrer ici gratuitement.

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Walter Wagner with guide Erhard Walcher
7021 Draßburg
1. climbing: 2003

Heini Brügger with guide Christian Buchmann
3116 Mühledorf CH
1. climbing: 2003
"Ein langgehegter Traum ging für mich mit 62 Jahren endlich in Erfüllung."

Remo Michel with guide Pius Henzen
CH 4056 Basel Schweiz
1. climbing: 1998
"20 Jahre sind wir nun gemeinsam in den Bergen. Im Mai wurde ich 50 und am 30. August 1998 sind wir bei besten Verhältnissen 50 Minuten auf dem Gipfel. Vielen Dank, lieber Pius, ich freue mich schon auf alles was uns noch erwartet."

Bruno Post with guide Walter Huber
41352 Korschenbroich Germany
1. climbing: 1975
"Meine 1. große Tour und dann das Matterhorn. Ich war mächtig stolz."

Christian Saxer with guide Tomas Zumtaugwald
5400, Baden Schweiz
1. climbing: 2007
"Super Wätter, coole uufstiig, coole Gipfel. Merci Turbo."

Barry O'Halpin with guide Lucky Imboden
1030 Belgium
1. climbing: 1976
"I climbed the Matterhorn in the summer of 1976 with my father, guided by Lucky Imboden. I was just 15 at the time. Dad was an experienced climber and skier and it had been an ambition of his to climb the mountain for many, many years. Sadly he died less than two years later. - The climb was a wonderful experience, especially as the dawn broke over the mountains. Having started from the Hornsee Hut in complete darkness, we rose steadily and suddenly we were bathed in light as the sun rose over the neighbouring mountains to the east. I cannot remember which precisely were next in the range, but my memory is of the Monta Rosa and Castor and Pollux being the closest peaks. Once on the summit, I have to confess that I was too cold and tired to really enjoy it, but I am thrilled, and humbled, to have been there. - Lucky was worried about Dad, who was a heavy smoker. In the end he placed Dad in the middle of the group, with me at the end, because he felt that it was safer for Dad to be supported front and back. I had no worries as I was used to Dad's breathing and was well aware of his capacities. Still, I was glad to get down again safely. The next day we went to the guide office and got our 'Matterhorn Climber' badges. Unfortunately I have lost both of them. - The weather that summer was awful, and we had left Zermatt with our ambition unfulfilled. Then, staying for a few days near Lausanne, we heard that the weather was due to improve and we returned. We stayed at the Hotel Bahnhof and I remember the lady who ran the hotel very well, but sadly not her name. - All told, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Perhaps, just perhaps, I might try it again with one or more of my own childen in years to come."

Eric Laird
83404, Idaho Falls Idaho/USA
1. climbing: 2005
"Craziest, hardest, and most beautiful climb of my life."

John Nielson
52403 Cedar Rapids Iowa, USA
1. climbing: 1978
"I climbed the mountain on my 24th birthday. The weather was beautiful!"

Wolfi Kieffer with guide Beat Julen
5303 Würenlingen Schweiz
1. climbing: 1989
"Aufstieg aus Hörnlihütte (Hüttenwart Franz Schweri) bei sehr guten Verhältnissen ca. morgens 5 Uhr - auf dem Gipfel als 1. Seilschaft ca. 7.30 Uhr. Mit mir nahmen den Aufstieg mehr als 100 Berggänger in Angriff - den Gipfel erreichten weniger als die Hälfte. Vorher habe ich in ca. 2 Wochen mit Beat Julen und z.T. auch Franz Schweri 14 Viertausender bestiegen, das Matterhorn war als krönender Abschluss der 15. Berg im Jahr 1989. Unvergesslich auf dem Gipfel waren für mich die Glücksgefühle und die Ausblicke, die ich mehr wie 1/2 Std. genossen habe. Mit sehr viel "Gegenverkehr" war ich bei gutem Abstieg gegen 11.30 Uhr wieder in der Hörnlihütte. Nette Grüsse, Wolfi Kieffer, Zermatt-Fan seit 1963"

Bob Guillot with guide Richi Lehner
Miami, Florida USA
1. climbing: 1981
"The Matterhorn: Conquered by two greenhorns...Reiner Kling (Germany) and Bob Guillot (USA). Veni,Vidi,Vici..."

Eduard Mauri
arenys de mar 08350 spain
1. climbing: 1971
"With my friend Antoni Ricart, with wind, snow, storm.... 15 august but nice. By the Cresta del Leone (SW V CARREL)."

Ronald Ulrich with guide Rony Inderbinnen
New Canaan Connecticut United States
1. climbing: 1977
"Rony kept me moving despite my blisters and fatigue. It was a beautiful September day."

Reginald Woolard with guide Eddie Perin
06897, Alexandria Virginia, USA
1. climbing: 1984

David Gordon with guide Gianni Mazzone
Plymouth Devon UK
1. climbing: 2002
"Fantastic experience with superb weather and superb guide.

Samuel Senior with guide Gottlieb Perren
Portland Oregon USA
1. climbing: 1953

Peter Wielath with guide Wolfgang Maier
8903 Birmensdorf Schweiz
1. climbing: 2007
"Schöne Besteigung am 23. September 2007 ohne grossen Rummel, dank an den Bergführer Wolfgang Maier."

Bergamin Hans with guide Perren
1796 mv de Koog Niederlande
1. climbing: 1999

Erika Poseck geb. Allers with guide Heinrich Truffer
53340 Meckenheim Deutschland
1. climbing: 1962
"Ein beglückendes Erlebnis!"

Graham Bain
AB55 5PE Scotland
1. climbing: 1995
"3 days of magic."

Connie Trinkler with guide Danny Stoffel
8004 Zürich Schweiz
1. climbing: 1994

Francesco Santuari with guide Gianni Gorret di Valtournenche
20129 Milano Italia
1. climbing: 1983

Éric Blondaz with guide Gilles Raffaelli
Servoz France
1. climbing: 2007

Zimmi (Markus) Zimmerli with guide André Imboden
79801 Hohentengen Deutschland
1. climbing: 2007
"Das Familienhighlight!"

Christian Nagel with guide Richard Andenmatten
93049 Regensburg Deutschland
1. climbing: 1991
"Besondere Erfahrung mit besonderer Begleitung."

Damir Lovrekovic
10000 Zagreb Croatia
1. climbing: 2007
"The summit climb was on 8.10.2007. Very good weather all day."

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