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Local transport

Zermatt is car-free. Only electro-mobiles are allowed for commercial use, together with horse-drawn carriages. Most distances can be easily covered on foot, but electro-taxis ensure a comfortable transfer to the hotels. Public transport is provided in the form of electro-buses. During the winter (1st November to 30th May), you can travel free on the "Bergbahnen" line with any ticket for the Zermatt Bergbahnen in the southern area (Matterhorn glacier paradise). The rules are different for the Winkelmatten line: Here, you can only travel free during the winter if you hold either a multi-journey ticket (Peak Pass etc.) or a ski pass.
Attention: In the summer, a Bergbahnen ticket does not entitle you to travel free on the "Winkelmatten" line. On the "Bergbahnen" line, however, everything remains the same as in winter, i.e. anyone with a ski pass, a Peak Pass or a one-way ticket for the southern area can travel free-of-charge.
Timetable: The change to the main season timetable takes place at the middle of December and lasts until the 30th April, i.e. in this period, the local buses run regularly every 10-12 minutes. Please refer to the timetable.

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