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Hohbärghorn (4,219 m a.s.l.)

The Hobärghorn is the third 4,000-metre summit of the Nadelgrat ridge, together with the Nadelhorn, Stecknadelhorn and Dirruhorn. The ridge is located in a somewhat hidden position to the north-west of the Mischabel group, between Saas-Fee and Randa. The Hobärghorn, which is only 22 m lower than the Stecknadelhorn, has a glacier on its north side (Ried Glacier), while the mountain consists of rock towards the south. There is a magnificent view of the Dom from its summit.

Origin of the name
The earlier name “Hohberghorn” was replaced by the dialect name a few years ago.


4,219 m a.s.l.

First climbed

August 1869

First climbed by

R.B. Heathcote, Franz Biner, Peter Perren, Peter Taugwalder

Information for hikers

Various hiking tips with a view of the mountain

Randa – Rötiboden – Weisshornhütte cabin

Duration of the hike

5 hours



Information for excursions

Short, easy walks or hikes

LSB St. Niklaus – Jungen Genossenschafts-Bahn (aerial cable car)

Information for mountaineers / alpinists

Valley location

Saas-Fee (1,803 m a.s.l.)

Starting point

Mischabelhütte cabin (3,329 m a.s.l.)

Various routes with
level of difficulty
and duration

North ridge over the Dürrenjoch col
From the Mischabelhütte cabin via the North face

GPS data

7.84819° ö.L. /46.1196° n.B. (WGS84)

Refreshment points/ mountain cabins

Mischabelhütte cabin (3,329 m a.s.l.)

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